Our Objectives and Targets

Adelaide Hydraulics are continually striving for the highest standards for service and product delivery throughout all areas of our organisation.

We have set objectives and targets in line with our business strategy to ensure sustainable growth and an enjoyable working relationship with all our interested parties.

We have set the following objectives and targets for calendar years 2022.


Nonconformance and Rework 

We are proud of our history of providing the highest-quality products since our company's conception in 1973. As we enter into a new phase of growth and development, we wish to ensure the continuance of this service. Therefore, we are making a commitment to monitor our performance in this area.


We recognise that growth presents challenges, one such challenge is the quality of our communication and consultation, for this reason Adelaide Hydraulics commits to improve our communication and consultation frameworks through regular business improvement initiatives and consultation with our employees and other interested parties.

Business Improvement

Success requires a proactive approach, a continual search for opportunities for improvement. Adelaide Hydraulics are committing to leveraging our QHSE Management Platform to support our focus on continuous improvement.


Increased Annual Turnover

Financial growth is a common objective amongst all businesses; however, Adelaide Hydraulics understands the benefits exceed far beyond the fiscal. Growth benefits our employees, community and state economy. For this reason, we commit to the growth of our business for the benefit of our employees and to South Australia.


Reduction of Safety Incidents 

As we experience growth Adelaide Hydraulics seeks to continue focus on the health and safety of our employees. We commit to implementation of WHS initiatives to reduce or eliminate safety-related risk.

WHS Management Systems

We are proud to have received certification for our Quality Management System. We will therefore continue to operate an Integrated Management System modeled on ISO 45001. 


Yard Maintenance and Property Improvements

Adelaide Hydraulics operates from an amazing premise in Royal Park, South Australia and wish to improve operational efficiency and working environment for both employees and external interested parties. For this reason, we commit to managing the environment to ensure positive relationship with all interested parties wherever possible. 

Environmental Management System

Adelaide Hydraulics will continue to operate an Integrated Management System modeled on ISO 14001.